" A fresh, bold and lucid approach to improving your game!" Grandmaster Larry Evans, 5-time U.S. Champion and Bobby Fischer's second!
"For amateurs and tournament players below Expert level, there is nothing that will improve your chess game faster than my unique Six Power Move Thinking Process!" BK

"I was simply a spectator at a Continental Chess Tournament held in Agoura Hills, CA last week when I noticed your DVD on sale in the "tournament store".

I was intrigued by the title of the DVD, although I thought to myself, "Yeah, probably yet another set of 'golden rules guaranteed to enhance your game'.........none of which have ever amounted to much for me in the past!

Still, I debated between purchasing your DVD or one on the King's Indian by Roman's Lab and since I had never heard of you before (sorry!), decided to go with good ol' Roman.  Well, 30 minutes into Roman's spiel I realized this purchase was just "another 25 bucks wasted!", because, as you point out in your presentation, the opponent doesn't always necessarily play the opening correctly and all your preparation is totally down the drain!  That was the case, precisely, as I followed Roman's set up with a hand held computer....the computer never followed up on Roman's moves as he would have predicted.....total waste of analysis!

Regretting that I had not purchased your video instead, I attempted to find some info on it by googling  "Power Moves...Chess" on the web and, fortunately found your site...am I glad I did!  Just by watching your initial presentation and applying your  "6 move thinking process" to a move at hand, I've already noticed an improvement in several games.....and in solving some previously complex book puzzles as well!  Amazing!  Too soon to tell of course, but I'm encouraged enough to really look forward to receiving your material!

Like many other players, I'm sure, I feel there must be many, many opportunities missed on the chess board that I "just don't see" and I think that your method may really help in applying a methodical approach to a quick analysis of the position, as opposed to simply staring at the position "hoping to see something." Your particular method seems very practical, makes a lot of sense to me and sounds relatively easy to apply!"

Brad Polkhorn
Hi Bill,
Thanks for your help while you were here.  My Rating went up by over 200 points.  I won 3, drew one and lost 2. 

Thank you,
Frank Brown

( Frank owns tons of chess books, had previously had lessons with an International Master, yet remained stuck at the same level for years until he discovered me :-) and my Six Power Move Thinking Process! )
How Brad found the Six Power Moves of Chess!
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"Some of the videos are amazing. Using your suggested thinking process makes a few seemingly deep tactical shots look dirt simple."
Cheers, Patrik Farber
"I have found your Six Power Moves to be the most beneficial thing I've done for my chess."
Steve Falen
Hi Bill,
I think your power move system/algorithm is fantastic. I've never come across anything like it in the many chess books I've seen. It seems to tie everything together in the search for the correct plan/move that a player is constantly faced with at the board.
Keep up the great work!
David Barratt July 2103
"Over the years I've compiled a chess library of a couple hundred books/DVDs.

In spite of having actually read/viewed each and every one of them, not one of these books/DVDs have ever done for me what the"6 Power Moves"has done for my game. Karneges introduces an entirely new, very easy to learn system of quick, yet methodical, analysis that has improved my game faster than anything I've ever studied before. After learning the system, my initial reaction was "Why hasn't anybody put together something like this before?!" With the thousands of chess books that are in print, it amazes me that nobody has ever presented this simple system until now! It is a very unique piece of work that presents its' principles in a very concise and easily learnable manner. Analyzing each position from the "6 Power Move" standpoint will have an immediate effect on your level play!

In my opinion, if you do nothing other than quickly familiarize yourself with the basic elements of Karneges' "6 Power Moves of Chess" analysis and get back to playing chess, you'll notice an immediate improvement in your game. If you take the time to really study and apply the system to its' maximum level of effectiveness, I believe it can improve your game tremendously. Bottom line: it's an easy system to learn, easy to apply, effective at the board and, if really applied to its' full potential, can be of great value to both beginners and advanced players alike. If you enjoy playing chess and are looking for something that will make an immediate improvement in your game, you owe it to yourself to check out this work. Thank you Mr. Karneges for presenting this great piece of work to the chess community!"

Dr. P (amazon name)
5.0 out of 5 stars AWESOME Book!! March 9, 2012
By Jerome Lewis
Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase
I have many chess improvement books in my library but this one is by far the most informative one I have to date. I completed reading THIS book and now I'm reading it again. As the title states..."The SIX Power Moves of Chess are: #1. Check, #2. Attack the Queen, #3. Attacking Undefended Pieces etc. and the FOUR QUESTIONS relating to each POWER move. It's a lot to remember, includung the multiple strategy and tactical goals given but the author says following the appropriate steps necessary for learning/playing great chess is fundamental and simple to follow....no complex opening books need apply. Yes, I know we've heard that all before but for once, it's TRUE! This author backs up the writ with action and practice videos from his website demonstrating THIS book's truthful value. SSOOOOOOOOO what are you gonna do??? Buy this book, it's worth every cent! Recommended for players Expert and below...
"Thank u for your response and your book. I have gone from a 1350 to a 1650 since reading your book and recently beat a player rated 1850 but I still have not watched all the videos." Ben Bachand Aug 2013
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